About our Cheese

Using only 100% pure, fresh Canadian milk, our artisanal Italian cheeses are crafted by our expert cheesemaker. Below you will find a listing of every product we make from scratch at our factory in Woodbridge. 

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Our Fresh Cheeses


Awarded the Best Fresh Cheese in Canada at the 2018 Canadian Cheese Awards, ricotta is our flagship product. Smooth, creamy, yet delightfully light, ricotta is perfect for cannolis and lasagna, yet also tastes great on its own. 


Available in four different sizes, bocconcini are small pieces of semi-soft fresh mozzarella. Their pure milky flavour is complemented by a characteristically stretchy texture. Try them in a caprese salad or on a pizza.


Light, mild, and milky, tuma is a traditional Italian fresh cheese derived from the first stage of the cheesemaking process. Soft and smooth, its delicate taste and texture is best savoured on its own. 


Fresh mozzarella delicately formed into a braid. 

Our Aged Cheeses


Finalist in the Best Pasta Filata Cheese category at the 2018 Canadian Cheese Awards, our caciocavallo is a semi-firm stretched-curd cheese, hand-molded into the iconic pear shape and hung in nets to age. More flavourful than mozzarella, caciocavallo's subtle nutty notes is sure to enhance a cheese board.


Awarded Best Pasta Filata Cheese at the 2018 Royal Winter Fair, our mozzarella is an Italian stretched-curd cheese that melts beautifully. It has that characteristic milky, mild taste, enhanced by a magnificently long stretch. 


Another Italian stretched-curd cheese, provolone's piquant taste makes it perfect for sandwiches and more flavourful pizzas. Its characteristic log-shape make it ideal for deli slicing.


Romanello is the ultimate table cheese, perfect for your next charcuterie board. Semi-firm with a yellow outer rind and a tangy flavour, our romanello is optionally enhanced by either peppercorns (pepato) or red chilis (picantino). 


Our scamorza is a small Italian cheese that serves as a sophisticated substitute to mozzarella. Its edible outer rind balances a white, milky interior. When strung up and left to age, it becomes even more complex and irresistible.